Who we are

Terrace is a website design and support company based in Morris MN. We offer an array of website and technology services for your small business. But we are more than just the services we offer.

Bobby Culbertson

Founder, CEO

Small Business Minded

We are oriented to find solutions for the small business owner. You know your business, we know technology.

Big Business Experience

Our team has experience with a range of companies from global manufactures, to small town non-profits. If we haven't seen it, we know someone who has. 

Customer Focused

You need someone in your corner to represent your business accurately.  Whether that is your online presence via a website, or determining your technology needs, we are here to help you make the best decision. 

What is 'Terrace' ?


One definition of a terrace is a patio. The patio represents to us Community and Relationship. Is there a better place to enjoy a friend's company than outside around a fire? 

A Toast

We want to build the type of relationship with our customers that after their project, we could meet on the terrace with drinks in our hands and toast to your success.